The Journey


"Hey, that's pretty good!"

So you've made some hot sauce in your kitchen and your family tells you, "Hey, that's pretty good," you politely say 'thank you', and in the back of your mind you think they just being supportive and kind. 


"Dude, you should sell this!"

But then your friends say it too. So you think to yourself, "I've got supportive friends, but I'm still not sure." 


"Yes, I'd like to buy more!"

But after you go to the farmers market and total strangers are telling you that they like it, and are paying for it, you then start to believe it is good. 


"Hmm, what's this? Mmm, that's good!"

In the grocery stores, you must create tasting booths to share the goodness. 

This is where you really see if your product has what it takes to sell. 


"My customers love this stuff."

When you have a restaurant buying by the case, you then truly believe in your product. 

Mad Greek Deli buys case after case. [Thank you guys!]


Grocery Stores

We are seeing demand grow in a variety of outlets. Thank you for your support! 


Social Media is all the rage

We are connected to our community, learning as we go, and happy to now be a part of it!


Now on Amazon

This is a big step for us. We are doing our best to make shipping affordable for our online buyers. Thank you Amazon!


What's next?

In order to make it a sustainable business, we need to grow. Got ideas for us?