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created by your taste


We listened to the comments from hundreds of people while tasting Shauce®.  We continually tweaked our recipe based on tasters feedback. That's why Shauce® is a community-created hot sauce. 

Thank you for your contribution!

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Ingredients Matter

Shauce is USDA Organic

You care what goes into your body, and so do we.

That's why we insist Shauce® is 100% Organic. 

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From your taste to our bottle


We paid attention to you, and now Shauce® is a community sauce. 

Our Mission


We believe in doing what is right and making something you enjoy. Be a part of our mission. 

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Certified Vegan


You'll be happy to know that Shauce® supports a plant-based diet. 

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Our Story


It's a simple story: started by sharing with friends, then selling at farmers markets, then selling in stores. 

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How hot is it?


How hot is it, really? Would it be nice if there was some kind of standard?

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email: hot@Shauce.com

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